Compliant Signature Solutions

You want the convenience of e-signatures, but you need the security and case law of ink on paper.
That’s what we do.

Unique Signatures

Wet Ink signatures in digital and paper documents

One time use signatures for complete non-repudiation of a signed document – a signature cannot be used more than once

On premise or cloud hosted solutions with data centres in various geographical regions

Best In class Audit Trail

The market’s most extensive audit trail – The MasterFile™ – keeps track of all aspects of a signing for complete non-repudiation

Collect photographic identification from your remote signers

Video Signing Rooms – Conduct signings with built-in video conferencing that is fully recorded in the MasterFile


Multiple workflow options to suit your organization’s needs, from Sequential, In Person or Hosted Remote signings via video conferencing

Enforce your signature requirements from simple (Type to Sign or Click to Sign) to complex e-signatures up to and including Ink signatures in electronic documents

Extensive API and Microsoft Word Add-In enables sending a document out for signing directly from within a Word document


Sign electronic documents with different workflow and signature options


Schedule an online meeting with one or more signers where you can share and record the signing session via video conferencing.


Sign physical paper documents with a Wet Ink signature


Cloud hosted or on premise server component for workflow creation and MasterFile™ audit trail.


Syngrafii provides the only overarching signature solution that protects your INVESTMENT and FLEXIBILITY to meet both your growing signature application needs as well as meeting increasing GOVERNANCE & COMPLIANCE requirements.

Providing the Gold Standard for e-signatures, Syngrafii eliminates the need for you to reinvest in alternate signature technology as your requirements change.


Video Signing Room

Up until now, business use of currently available e-Signature solutions has been driven by CONVENIENCE and not the need for hardened COMPLIANCE.

The patented Syngrafii Signature Solution Platform was built from the ground up with a singular focus on delivering the best-in-class COMPLIANCE AND NON-REPUDIATION in every solution we offer.”

– Matthew Gibson | CEO


What our clients say

We are very excited to be working with Syngrafii on this ground-breaking initiative. We believe that this technology is revolutionary, and it is already changing the way our legally binding documents and agreements are presented and signed by our partners and clients. The reaction from our constituents to remote paperless signings thus far has been overwhelmingly positive. They are impressed not only by the fact that the paperwork is being processed faster, they also comment on how convenient & environmentally friendly the process is. Syngrafii has enabled our company to securely sign documents across geographically dispersed operations while exceeding all compliance and non-repudiation requirements of the transaction. Combined with Syngrafii’s convenience and ease of use we can securely, quickly and confidently execute agreements and contracts with our partners and…

Global Shipping Company

We are very excited to be working with Syngrafii on this ground-breaking initiative. We believe that this technology is revolutionary, and it is already changing the way legally binding leasing documents are presented and ‘signed’ by our clients. The reaction from our clients to paperless signings thus far has been overwhelmingly positive. Our clients are impressed not only by the fact that their paperwork is being processed faster, they also comment on how environmentally friendly the whole process has become. Trillium is now also able to electronically file our legal documentation with our lender clients and store all signed documents electronically thereby saving on physical storage costs. This is a huge win for our specialized leasing firm.

Joshua G. Dias President Trillium Underwriters

…last week we were closing a deal with a firm deadline. One of our investors indicated that unless we could wait a few more days, he would have to pass as he was away from the office and couldn't fill in and sign the documents. So, we sent him the Syngrafii-enabled version and he did everything on his phone and was able to make the investment. He was very pleased to have this option available.

Norman Light President Enlightened Capital

We are very excited to be working with Syngrafii on this ground-breaking initiative. We believe that this technology is revolutionary, and it is already changing the way legal documents are presented and 'signed' by our clients.

Sanjay Soni Managing Partner Nexera Law Group

Dealing with the team at Syngrafii has been an absolute pleasure… What I found to be incredible is how fast and easy it has been to become proficient using their sPaper™ application in conjunction with the LongPen™ Printer.   Their e-signature process is far more advanced & secure than anything else I’ve experienced before…

Global Shipping Company

We have tried at least three e-signature applications in the past and the Syngrafii solution is the best we have seen for flexibility and integration into our business application. The e-signature platform shows our commitment to the environment while expediting our process and now the LongPen has proven to be a time-savings tool and has given us the ability to expedite Rush requests. Using Syngrafii we have done over 44,000 in home signings and saved over 300,000 pages of paper since incorporating Syngrafii into our application and have eliminated the need to use couriers to deliver and retrieve documents for signing.

Stephane Presseault Nexera Law Group

We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with Syngrafii to bring groundbreaking functionalities to the Canadian insolvency industry. Syngrafii offers a complete E-Signature solution, coupling efficiency and security to fulfill the needs of Trustees. We believe that like Vision Blue Solutions, Syngrafii is a company that understands the needs of the insolvency industry. That is why we are confident in saying, that this new technology is about to revolutionize the daily activities of Trustees. The landscape is changing. We are seeing a push to achieve efficiencies in every aspect of the business. Our partnership will allow Trustees to become completely Paperless. That is because Trustees can now sign documents from anywhere, on any device and have them automatically saved against the case file. We can also set…

Vision Blue Solutions Canada President Vision Blue Solutions Canada

A bright & well thought out solution!!  It seems to be user friendly even for an old school non-IT lawyer No limitation on the business development possibilities, be it by location or sector (for instance in the fund Industry i.e. Audit firms, Law firms, Transfer Agencies, Custodians (of securities), Regulators etc.).  In terms of technology, if you can link in the future all parties as ledger alike a Blockchain process (Transfer Agencies produces reports, sends to auditors for signature, receives it back for recording and distribution and others and without limitation, to regulators and investors instantaneously) the sky is your limit...  With the increased focus of transparency it is possible with the potential document web storage (latest regulations that push for it) along with the approach of a green…

Financial Professional leading Tier 1 EU Bank

Dealing with the team at [Syngrafii Signature Client] Trillium Underwriters was an absolute pleasure… What I found to be incredibly convenient was their [Syngrafii Paper] e-signature process which was by far, more advanced and secure than what I’ve seen in the market- place…

Lisa Shirriff Sales Representative Royal LePage