eSignature Signing Application

Choose your work flow option – Digital Paper™ Document or Physical Paper Document

Digital Paper™ Document Work Flow

Delivers your One-Time-Use Wet signature onto a digital document (a digital file that can produce an original Wet ink signature at any time)

LongPen™ Paper Document Work Flow

Printer delivering your One-Time-Use Wet signature onto paper

Transactional MasterFile™

Captures a detailed and comprehensive digital audit history for security and compliance and has the ability to output the physical Wet ink signature associated with the digital transaction for traditional forensic interrogation and non-repudiation. Seamlessly integrates and captures video files as part of the transaction record.

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Enabling an Omnichannel Strategy with Cisco


A connected world in which people, enterprise and government will process original documents over any medium at the speed of light.

A unified world that blends the tradition, intent and law of paper and a human signature with the speed, efficiency and creative potential of the internet.

A more secure world where an individual’s signature is a universal guarantee of their intent.

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Why choose us

Syngrafii is the only esignature company in the world that brings the security & the case law associated with the execution of paper documents into the fast lane of the digital age.
Syngrafii is the only esignature company worldwide that provides the proprietary option of executing original biometric ink signatures onto hard copy or electronic documents when and where you want.
Choose your workflow, your document platform, and the systems you want to enable with esignatures. Syngrafii delivers original one time use Wet signatures in both LongPen and Digital Paper solutions along with a detailed audit history for security, compliance and non-repudiation.


Wealth, business banking, lending, new deposits and credit cards
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Wills, Powers of Attorney, and personal information require ink approvals; terms & condition contracts can be executed virtually
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Efficiencies for internal and external government document processing; convenience to the tax payer, reducing time & costs to process information
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Health Care
Remote prescriptions & patient discharges require ink approval; remote diagnosis and patient records can be completed virtually
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