Syngrafii`s Transactional MasterFile™ is a proprietary non-repudiation engine that provides organizations with a complete transaction history along with evidence of the identity, execution and intent of the signatory to the transaction while delivering critical data for business optimization.

MasterFile™ captures before and after images of the document(s) being executed and stores the file on a local or cloud server. Authorized users can access the stored transaction records in a secure web portal. Deployed into a Contact Center Solution, MasterFile™ can be integrated with video and/or audio recording solutions allowing organizations to keep a record of the discussion & transaction execution in one file.

A few of the data sources collected by MasterFile™ include: audio/video feeds, GPS coordinates of the signer, details of the interacting party, the date/start/end time and page dwell time.

  • Captures the user information including: Identity, GPS coordinates and the device used
  • Provides details of the transaction process from start to close
  • Can package the recorded audio and video with the transaction process
  • Captures meta-data for compliance, legal & business intelligence