Video Signing Room™​

Video Signing Room™

Patented Video Conferencing and Document Signing Room

Video Signing Room™

Host a signing session with built-in video conferencing where every aspect is recorded for non repudiation purposes

Web enabled video conferencing from any modern browser – no downloads required

Host shares the documents with participants in the Video Signing Room and has complete control of each document

Chat window to allow for text communication with the participants 

Host sends links to signers’ phones in order for them to remotely send their one-time use signature

Instantly get multiple documents signed by the remote signers

Signers only need to join and view the document on their PC or Tablet screen and send signatures from their smartphone

Video recording of screen share and video conversation added to the MasterFile Audit trail for the signing

The Syngrafii Video Signing Room™ (VSR) is a web video conferencing platform that incorporates digital document signing using the Syngrafii eSIGNATURE™ solution. The VSR allows a host to create a meeting with participants who are remote without the need to use any third party conferencing tools. By creating a VSR meeting, a host automatically sends meeting invites to the remote signers to add to their calendars and when it is time to join, they will receive a reminder and can simply click on a button on their device to join a video signing session. The host can then share their screen, present each of the documents that need to be signed one at a time and can send a link to a signer’s mobile device to use it as a signature pad to send their one-time use signatures into the document. 

Throughout the meeting, the audio and video of the conference is recorded as well as the screen-share of the document being signed. Other components of the meeting such as the chat and the full audit trail of the signing it self are added to the Video Signing Room MasterFile.  

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