Viju forms a direct reseller partnership with Syngrafii

Viju (formerly CityIS Inc.) the global visual communications company, today announced that it has forged a direct reseller partnership with Syngrafii (makers of the LongPen), a provider of legally binding digital and legacy document execution and delivery solutions.

Syngrafii specialize in the development of handwriting and biometric identification solutions. Their recent developments open up a new world of online banking and government service applications. While refining the original LongPen technology, Syngrafii crafted the basis for a system whereby any user can provide positive identification and simultaneously execute binding contracts in an open, online environment.

Working with Syngrafii, Viju has developed a fully integrated solution application that delivers real time biometrically correct signature capabilities supported by high definition telepresence video systems. This application has been specifically developed for retail banking, wealth management, and Credit Unions, who have a need to reduce the latency that often occurs when getting signed documents (‘wet signature’) to the person or operational team who needs to process the document.

“The Syngrafii LongPen has been a game changer.” said David Luff, VP, Banking & Finance, Viju Inc. “Our clients are looking for ways to shorten delivery cycles and to serve their customers anytime, anywhere. By combining high definition video conferencing with the LongPen, we provide a unique service bundle that allows our customers to deliver real time expertise and real time signature capture at the point of need.”

Commenting on the partnership, Syngrafii’s, President, Matthew Gibson said: “Viju’s ability to combine video collaboration tools with vertical industry knowledge is exciting for us since we see so many possible uses for real time written content, across many industry sectors. In addition, Viju’s support and services team will allow us to scale our offerings to a much broader client base.”

About Syngrafii

Syngrafii was incorporated in 2004 to develop and patent a remote signing device, to enable people to remotely interact over any distance and sign documents and memorabilia. LongPen™ was invented by author Margaret Atwood, and was originally conceived as a way to extend the traditional book tour. From that beginning, countless applications for publicity, corporate and government uses evolved.

In 2006 Syngrafii conceived and developed the LongPen Network™. The first application of the LongPen Network™ seamlessly linked authors and other celebrities from their preferred location to retail locations around the world. In 2007, LongPen BusinessWriter™ was developed, making it possible to sign documents ranging from purchase orders and court proceedings to contracts and estate affairs.

Syngrafii’s corporate office is located in downtown Toronto with a development and operations centre located in West End Toronto.

About Viju

Viju is a global visual communications specialist who is setting the standard for video conferencing, telepresence, audio visual integration and collaboration & visualisation solutions. Together with their customers, they create dynamic, collaborative and connected ways of working to better business performance and fuel growth.

Viju has over 250 employees, with offices throughout USA, UK, Norway, Netherlands and Singapore. Group turnover exceeds $100MUSD.

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