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Syngrafii-Fanado Signs Art - Absolutely!

Fanado, powered by Syngrafii, assists Absolut Art in the creation of a custom Sign on Demand Service, allowing artists to sign and number their limited edition works remotely.  The first of its kind, Fanado enables Absolut Art to reach their mandate of making art accessible and easier for people to bring into their homes.

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March 24th, 2016

Fanado Signs Art Absolutely



TORONTO, CANADA – Fanado, powered by Syngrafii, has partnered with AbsolutArt to provide print, artist-signed and limited edition number on demand capabilities for Absolut Art’s e-Commerce site

AbsolutArt, established in April 2015 as a subsidiary of Absolut, builds on the brand's historic engagement with artists and the creative community.  AbsolutArt provides an online entry point for customers to discover and collect contemporary fine art by promising and recognized artists.

Absolut Art’s e-Commerce website required pre-printing of art inventory which would be sent to curated artists located around the globe to secure original signatures and edition numbering in the artist’s handwriting.  Fanado, powered by Syngrafii, assisted in the creation of a custom sign on demand service that precluded the need to hold inventory of any kind.  The proprietary remote signing service, now fully implemented, has allowed AbsolutArt to secure original signatures from artists via the internet on mobile devices. Fanado-Syngrafii has enabled AbsolutArt to become a full “Print and Sign on Demand” service, eliminating the need to inventory signed art. This solution has resulted in considerable reductions in cost and time associated with fulfilling orders.

Fanado developed, supplied and installed a customized “Absolut Art” Branded version in order to capture and store Artists’ unique signatures in the artist’s handwriting. These securely stored original signatures are retrieved on-demand at Absolut Art’s production printing facilities, currently located in Stockholm Sweden.  The company will use the technology where appropriate when expanding to countries around the world.  All editions are delivered to the customer’s door with a certificate of authenticity within 2 to 5 days signed, framed, and ready to enjoy.


AbsolutArt Quotes:

“Our goal is to democratize access to art and our partnership with Fanado/Syngrafii is helping us enable artists from around the world to bring their art into people’s homes."

Nahema Mehta, Co-Founder Absolut Art AB


About AbsolutArt

Absolut Art was launched to close the gap between artists creating and people collecting. They’ve streamlined the discovery and delivery experience by collaborating directly with artists on the ground to produce signed and numbered limited-edition artworks using Fanado’s remote signing service.


About Fanado-Syngrafii

Fanado-Syngrafii is an industry leader in personalized signings on both digital and physical products.   Its signature products deliver original one time use wet signatures in both LongPen™ and Digital Paper™ solutions.


For further information, please contact:

Matthew Gibson

CEO, Fanado & Syngrafii Inc.


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