Company Profile

Syngrafii Inc. - The Signature Company

Syngrafii (Pronounced "Sing-Graph-EE") Latin Root: Syngrafus, Syngrafi

Definitions: 1. Passport 2. Written contract/ agreement 3. Written pass/safe conduct.

Syngrafii Inc. originated with the invention of the LongPen™ printer, a robotic scripting device envisioned by world-renowned author Margaret Atwood in 2004. The first prototype in 2005, was built with the mission of using the internet to deliver an author’s original signature on a book between any two locations on the globe. The focus at that time was on book and other celebrity signings.

As the Internet of Things and business communication technology improved, business applications for the unique capabilities of the LongPen solution became apparent. In 2013, Syngrafii Inc. was created and the business use case for Celebrity/Fan interactions and signings was exclusively licensed to a US based company FANADO™, powered by Syngrafii’s proprietary writing technologies. This enabled Syngrafii Inc. to focus exclusively on global business applications utilizing its extensive Patent portfolio to offer intuitive, easy to implement and advanced Gold Standard signing services to its customers.

Syngrafii’s Patented Signature Solutions seamlessly integrate into existing corporate paper based business processes and wraps them in a legally compliant, highly secure, internet based digital delivery service that simplifies and speeds workflow and deal closings. Syngrafii signs Physical Paper and facilitates the execution of forensically defensible Digital Documents relying on over a100 years of contract case law. Syngrafii offers proprietary forensic audit tools that provide Patented non-repudiation, compliance and security services that our customers confirm exceed the authenticity of a legal document signed in person at a bank branch, investor office or law firm.

Syngrafii stays at the forefront of industry trends, providing high quality experiential services to our legal /investment/banking/insurance/ business and Government clients with applications that enable remote and mobile solutions that enable new lines of business to be completed over digital channels as well as driving revenues and efficiencies.


Why Choose Syngrafii

  • Syngrafii is the only e-Signature company in the world that brings the security & the case law associated with the execution of paper documents into the fast lane of the digital age.
  • Syngrafii is the only e-Signature company worldwide that provides the proprietary option of executing original biometric ink signatures onto hard copy and electronic documents when and where you want.
  • Choose your workflow, your document platform, and the systems you want to enable with e-Signatures. Syngrafii delivers original one time use Wet signatures in both LongPen™ and sPaper™ solutions along with a detailed audit history for security, compliance and non-repudiation.
  • With its Patented technologies, Syngrafii is the only signature solution that provides the ability, flexibility and investment protection by scaling with you throughout your eSignature journey requiring little or no process change.
  • As governance and compliance needs grow and change over time, Syngrafii offers the ease of eSignature alone through to hosted Video sessions, document sharing and the collection of Wet signatures on paper and digital documents. Only Syngrafii can meet and protect all your Signature needs on that entire journey.


Syngrafii Solution Value

Syngrafii enables our clients to achieve, among other things:

  • A robust Security layer of control, compliance, speed and legal enforceability of paper and digital documents
  • The ability to maintain a pure digital path for paper based documents requiring signatures – no printing, signing, scanning,
  • To greatly reduced Key Executive travel time and costs
  • An enormous reduction in their carbon footprint associated with Executive travel
  • A reduced cost and reliance on courier services for original document transmittal – Syngrafii enables the delivery of wet ink signed documents instantly
  • Ability to immediately respond in a cost-effective manner to business tenders

Syngrafii believes that in addition to addressing currently identified industry challenges noted above that the deployment and use of Syngrafii sPaper™ will further enhance and provide a higher degree of flexibility and control for managing any diverse business operation. Our focus is on reducing the Operational Risks of our clients while ensuring they meet their internal corporate governance and compliance standards.


Syngrafii Vision

  • A connected world in which people, enterprise and government will process original documents over any medium at the speed of light.
  • A unified world that blends the tradition, intent and law of paper and a human signature with the speed, efficiency and creative potential of the internet.
  • A more secure world where an individual’s signature is a universal guarantee of their intent.