Digital Paper™

Syngrafii`s Digital Paper™, provides valuable tools and features that allow organizations to immediately adopt an eSignature Solution that supports existing wet ink on paper compliance and provides a seamless transition into full eSignature adoption when the customer is ready.

Syngrafii Digital Paper enables a digital document workflow, while supporting security, compliance and process requirements. Users open documents from a web enabled device and easily sign, write and annotate using a stylus or finger. No document pre-processing is required. The user simply accesses the document from a local file; web source or corporate server and signs on any part of the document as needed. All annotations by the user are tracked by the system to keep a secure log of the documents transaction history. The digital document can then be immediately printed and signed by the Syngrafii LongPen Printer OR be saved on the server indefinitely pending output with ink signature on demand. Whether you choose to print or store the document, a one-time biometrically accurate signature will be printed or stored securely with the original document as intended.

  • Work in the same workflow as you would in person
  • Make sticky notes for reminders
  • Highlight important sections
  • Type or write additional notes
  • Sign with your One-Time-Use signature