Syngrafii LongPen™ Printer

Syngrafii`s LongPen™ Printer executes your one-time-use physical signature onto hard copy documents using mobile and tablet platforms. In real-time a hard copy document is placed on the LongPen™ Printer that enables single or multiple signatories to apply their signature with a pen on any type of transaction. The LongPen™ executes the same speed, cadence and pressure of the signature onto a hard copy document. This executed document is an original that can be reviewed by forensic document examiners to confirm identity and originality for the purpose of nonrepudiation.

  • Deliver your One-Time-Use Wet signature onto paper with the Syngrafii LongPen™
  • Executes your signature biometrics onto paper, allowing forensic documents examiners to validate your signature is truly yours