esignature Signing Application

Syngrafii’s eSignature Signing Application captures a user’s one-time-use signature for execution in the work flow option of choice: Hard copy documents or Digital Paper™.

The eSignature Capture software is accessed through any web enabled device where users can execute their signature as an individual or in a group signing session. The software user is free to make annotations on any part of the document as if they were signing a piece of paper with a pen, delivering the same user experience as an in-person transaction. As Syngrafii captures the speed, cadence and pressure of a signature, each transaction is biometrically unique providing a more secure and intuitive way of doing business compared to other eSignature solutions.

  • Secure and authenticated signature application
  • Supported on IOS, Android, Blackberry and Web browser
  • Choose your workflow option: Digital Paper Document Work Flow or LongPen Paper Document Work Flow
  • Integrates into your document management system
  • Provides access to the documents you want to review & sign
  • Work in an online or offline mode
  • Integrates with audio or video conferencing for true document collaboration & signing