Syngrafii sells and service delivers through our Global Partner Ecosystem. Our direct touch land & expand sales strategy delivers the foundation for Year-Over-Year growth & profitability for our partners across industries with relevant ties to our technology partners.

Value to our Partners

  • Provides a revenue generating solution to your customers
  • Annuity revenue model
  • Transforms IT discussions to line of business discussion
  • Ensures pull through revenue

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Syngrafii LongPen enables banks to adopt signature execution & compliance technologies with our Omni-Channel Remote Expert and Mobile Advisor solutions, allowing customers to execute transactions in any channel, from anywhere at any time. Due to compliance requirements, organizations are challenged with adopting a complete eSignature solution as physical documents & “wet ink” signatures are required for new account open, new products & product renewals resulting in a barrier to revenue growth. Banks leverage Cisco & Syngrafii’s Omni Channel Solution to drive immediate revenue & profitability in any channel while providing a roadmap to a complete digital process.



Working with Syngrafii LongPen, Viju has developed a fully integrated solution application that delivers real time biometrically correct signature capabilities supported by high definition telepresence video systems. This application has been specifically developed for retail banking, wealth management, and Credit Unions, who have a need to reduce the latency that often occurs when getting signed documents (‘wet signature’) to the person or operational team who needs to process the document.



Finalizing a paper-based transaction through remote collaboration sessions has created unnecessary delays. Nonetheless, for many organizations, compliance still requires an in-person signature. CBCI Telecom has been working for 25 years on duplicating the face to face experience. With Syngrafii LongPen’s digital signature we are filling the ultimate gap. Remote transaction execution – that are process compliant & legally valid – are now possible for everyone, at any given time and place.


IT-Corner Logo Official

IT-Corner is a dynamic and rapidly growing information technology solution provider, with branch offices in Abu Dhabi, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Libya and Jordan.

IT-Corner has expanded to cover the Arabian Gulf from its headquarters in the bustling & futuristic metropolis of Dubai-The United Arab Emirates. Inspired by innovation and technology, IT-Corner has teamed up with Syngrafii to add remote signature execution capabilities to its portfolio of collaboration solutions.

IT-Corner is currently the acting Middle East Distributor and delivery arm of Syngrafii’s LongPen™ and Digital Paper™ applications through the region’s customer base. This is made possible with commitment to the highest quality services through IT-Corner’s experienced staff of certified professionals. IT-Corner has become a powerful choice for clients looking for world-class IT solutions.


Some of our other Business Partners include:

  • Branham
  • MaRS
  • UOIT