Fanado Powered By Syngrafii

Fanado will be the industry leader in one of the last remaining niches in the digital content experience — live online appearances featuring one-on-one meetings and personalized signings.

Fanado creates memorable and tangible experiences for followers of entertainers, artists and athletes.

Fanado allows a broad range of celebrities to personally interact with audiences any time, from anywhere.

Fanado’s patents-pending technology replicates the promotional tour by using the web, delivering a distinct combination of:

  • Autographs with personalized dedications delivered digitally and physically.
  • Authenticated signatures – legal, verifiable and authentic (“Wet Signatures”) – meaning no fakes, no forgeries and higher resale value.
  • Face-to-face live celebrity and fan meetings held online – planned, managed and promoted or spontaneous and self-produced.
  • “Meet and greet” experiences recorded and posted to social media sites, driving viral distribution of the personal interaction between the artists and their audiences.
  • A virtual event stage, scalable and customizable, permits dozens to participate and audiences in the hundreds of thousands can watch the event online.


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